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Twig Com Ltd General Terms of Trade and Warranty Terms (Business-to-business)

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TWIG eShop Terms of Sale

Which countries does TWIG eShop deliver to?

Orders are delivered to all EU-countries and many non EU-countries too. Please note: Deliveries to non EU-countries may be subject to duties or other charges, please consult your local authorities for information about this.

What about VAT?

VAT stands for value-added-tax, which is charged on most goods and services within the European Union. A 24% VAT is collected on orders dispatched to countries within the European Union. Orders sent to addresses anywhere else in the world are not subject to VAT but they may be subject to local taxes and customs charges.

How much are the delivery costs?

Fedex or postal delivery cost will be added to order value.

What are TWIG eShop conditions of the delivery?

On rare occasions the TWIG eShop may not be able to deliver the ordered type of products, or the needed amount of products. TWIG eShop reserves the rights to cancel the delivery, or to postpone it. TWIG eShop evaluates the time period required for fulfilling the delivery of the order and informs the customer. The customer can then choose, whether to wait for the delivery, or to cancel the order and receive the paid money back immediately.

How are the goods delivered?

The goods are delivered per courier (Fedex) to your address within a few working days after the order and payment have been received. You will receive a Fedex notification to your e-mail address. With the Fedex waybill number you can track your delivery. Please note: Fedex delivers goods between 8 am - 6 pm on weekdays.

What is the communication method between TWIG eShop and customer?

TWIG eShop sends all notifications by e-mail. Please provide the correct e-mail address in order to avoid information breaks. TWIG eShop uses your e-mail address only for your order notifications and will never release e-mail address to any third part without your consent. In certain situations the customer may also contacted by telephone.

What are the payment options?

Currently PayPal or advance payment.

Can I return the goods if I am not satisfied?

If you wish to put in a claim for any product purchased through TWIG eShop or claim for refund please follow the instructions herein:

  • Please check your order/receipt as soon as it arrives to ensure you have received the intended content(s), in the right conditions. Please notify us, e-mail address: sales(at) immediately upon receipt, within two (2) business days of your receipt, of any missing or damaged packages and any other claims regarding other apparent defect or apparent non-conformity.
  • Any hidden defects or hidden non-conformities should be notified to us, e-mail address sales(at) within thirty (30) days of discovery but no later than ninety (90) days of the delivery of the nonconforming or defective item.

Retain all contents, original packaging materials and shipping boxes. This is a prerequisite for filing the claim(s). (FAILURE TO DO SO CAN RESULT IN THE DENIAL OF YOUR CLAIM AND THE REFUND OR REPLACEMENT OF YOUR PURCHASE).

Please note that any claim concerning any products purchased through TWIG eShop shall be processed in accordance with the laws of Finland. The sole remedy for defected, missing, damaged or in other ways non-conforming products is a replacement or refund of the sales price, whichever the Company deems appropriate.

Additional terms for consumers:

- Please note that any product purchased through TWIG eShop may be returned within fourteen (14) days from the receipt of the product by returning all the contents, original packaging materials and shipping boxes to Twig Com Oy, Meriniitynkatu 11, FIN-24100, Salo, Finland as provided by the Finnish Consumer Protection Act. The Company has the right to decline returning any product that clearly has been abused or damaged.

What about the warranty?

Twig Com warrants its products and accessories for 1 year. A warranty certificate with the date of purchase is enclosed in the delivery. Service operations are carried our for free at Twig Com during the warranty period.

Twig Com warrants its products to be free of defects in material or workmanship when leaving the factory. If a defect is found during the given warranty period the customer should, without delay and within the given warranty period, return the product, together with the warranty certificate and the purchase receipt, to the our dealer who sold the product or, if this is not feasible, to any other authorised Twig Com sales or service facility.

A defective product with a valid Twig Com warranty will be made good by repair or replacement (as deemed appropriate by Twig Com). Repair or replacement of the product does not extend the original warranty period.

The warranty does not cover defects caused by using the product with peripheral equipment or accessories not supplied or approved by Twig Com, or defects caused by repairs or modifications carried out by parties not authorised by Twig Com. Neither does the warranty cover defects directly attributable to abuse, misuse or accident of any kind nor changes in consumable parts (e.g. batteries) attributable to normal wear and tear.

The warranty is void if the manufacturing identity data attached to the product have been altered, erased or rendered unidentifiable.

Twig Com strictly assumes no responsibility for special, incidental, punitive or consequential damages, or loss of use.

Changes to this policy

This policy is subject to changes. We reserves the right to change these terms and the right to technical changes on products.